5 Things To do In Barcelona, Spain

If you ever find yourself in Europe and then you make your way to Spain, the second established city of Spain, and the capital of Catalonia, is a must visit place. Visiting Barcelona goes beyond stepping into the city for the fun of it – Barcelona has a lot of activities and memories to offer. You will find many unforgettable buildings in this city, excellent food, clean beaches, delightful shopping, and a colorful, bustling nightlife.

Barcelona is a city with its own identity and if you are visiting soon, below are some of the things to do in Barcelona, Spain.

1. Enjoy the sight of Sagrada Família

Sagrada Familia is where you enjoy the works of Antoni Gaudi, one of the most talented architects in Barcelona. It is one of the most awesome basilicas in the world, and it offers a refreshing feeling different from the traditional churches that you are used to. The Sagrada Familia is a combination of different styles of architectural styles, such as Art Nouveau, Catalan Modernism, and Spanish Late-Gothic.

 Sagrada Família


2. Have a fun day at the City Beaches.

The boardwalk at the beachfront in Barcelona continues for miles so, if you want to know the city better, you can take a walk from Barceloneta to Diagonal Mar. It takes up to an hour, but it is always worth it. Sant Sebastià, one of the westernmost beaches, gives you pure tourist vibes and here you will find a variety of trendy shops and bars with outdoor seating. To experience more Barcelona locals, simply move up to the Olympic Port.

Barcelona city beach


3. Go Shopping at La Boqueria

A tourism visit is not complete until you buy a few things. La Boqueria is not only a place to shop, but it also offers a unique sight and educational experience. Barcelona has always had a Boqueria market for centuries, but the spot where La Boqueria is located has been used for trade for only around 200 years. Whether you just want to experience the hustle and bustle of a market or you want to buy some food, La Boqueria is the place to visit.


La Boqueria


4. Park Güell

A trip to this garden is, without a doubt, one of the things to do in Barcelona, Spain. From the serpentine benches to those gorgeous panoramas at the park’s main terrace, Park Güell is definitely an amazing place to be and see.

4.	Park Güell


5. Barcelona City History Museum

In the History Museum, you will find some Roman sites preserved on Plaça de la Vila de Madrid such as the Funeral Way and the temple of Augustus across the Gothic Quarter. Plaça del Rei displays clearer details of Barcelona’s ancient history. At this museum, you will get on a lift to get down to what is left of a garum factory, dyeing shops laundries and some of the visible parts of ancient Barino’s walls.

The Barcelona City Museum covers a land area of 4000 sq. Meters and the elevated walkways make it easy to explore the site.


 Barcelona City History Museum

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